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2023 Schedule and registration fees are being worked on.  We will update once we have finalized the plan and schedule.  

Cost will be $20.00 per person per activity.  Attendance will be capped at 15 participants per trip and participants will be limited to signing up for no more than 4 trips.  FREE Activities 4, 31 and 41 do not count towards your max of 4 activities for the 3 days.
While most activities are covered by the registration fee, a few activities have some additional costs for participants. Whenever there is an additional cost involved in a particular activity it will be indicated in the activity description and table. Parking fees are payable at the time of the activity.

Please note:  Please help us reduce the spread of COVID, and consider the following healthy behaviors when planning your trip to Ashland & Bayfield Counties. 

  • Stay Home when Appropriate – if you are not feeling well
  • Physical (Social) Distancing
  • Wear Masks when appropriate
  • Sanitize – Wash and sanitize your hands frequently

Bayfield County Health Department
Ashland County Health Department

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