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Doing Our Part

Helping to Conserve Our Natural Resources


The sponsors of the Chequamegon Bay Birding and Nature Festival would like to make this a “green” event. We fully acknowledge that an event like this results in a significant impact to the environment, particularly given the amount of vehicle travel that is required for participants. However, there is still a great deal that we can do to make this event as sustainable as possible. The following section lists a number of steps we have taken to support local businesses, reduce our carbon footprint, and minimize our environmental impact.

birdfriendlyPlease take a moment to browse the other items listed under Take Action, and learn about a few ways you can conserve habitat for birds and other wildlife. We hope our efforts to provide a “green” festival will help others think of ways to live more sustainably, whether that means investing in alternative energy or simply drinking bird-friendly coffee. If you have suggestions about how to make this event more sustainable in the future, please let us know!

You Are What You…Drink

  • we are proud to offer fair trade, bird-friendly coffee that is roasted locally

Waste Not Want Not

  • we will offer spring water from local artesian springs (rather than bottled water)
  • reusable water bottles and travel mugs are available for sale in the gift shop
  • food packaging will be reused or recycled
  • the Visitor Center will provide reusable dishes and coffee mugs
  • handouts will be printed on recycled paper
  • brochures and informational materials will be distributed in folders rather than plastic bags

Reducing our Carbon Footprint                                      

  • the Visitor Center takes full advantage of its ample windows, using natural light whenever
  • compact fluorescent light bulbs have been installed throughout the Visitor Center
  • local car dealerships and sponsors are providing vans for carpooling to field trip sites
  • locally-produced food and beverages will be used to the extent possible 

Location, Location, Location

  • The event is hosted at the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center, which strives to be a leader in advocating sustainability of the region’s cultural, historic, and natural resources
  • Chequamegon Bay is home to three eco-municipalities: Ashland, Washburn, and Bayfield. Each community aspires to be an ecologically, economically, and socially healthy community over the long-term.

As a participant, you can help us reduce our impact on the environment.  Here’s a list of simple things you can do:

  • Bring a reusable travel mug and water bottle (or purchase one at the gift shop!)
  • Consider carpooling to Chequamegon Bay, the Visitor Center, or festival field trips
  • If you are staying at a hotel, ask that they wait to change your linens until you have checked out